Change the world together!

Earth is our common Home, but this home is being destroyed by cruelty, greed, and thirst for profit. Our Home is full of suffering and injustice today; it seems that there’s no way out, and those who see and understand what’s happening slowly fall into despair...

The biggest lie

We are told that we are small people who cannot change anything as the world is governed by politicians and moneybags. This is the biggest lie! There is a power that is carefully protected by those who rule the planet, the power that is mentioned in various forms and allegories in most religions and spiritual teachings.

What is this power?

The power lies in thought! And it’s not about that constant chaotic current that flows through the minds of most people. We are talking about the clearly articulated, focused, and invigorating thoughts with a single purpose and defined direction.
Meditations, prayers, concentrations: among other things, all these techniques deal with the elimination of mental garbage and background noise from your mind. Meanwhile, the aspiration for the Higher Power imbues thoughts with even more strength. This aspiration is called many things in various religions and philosophies, but the main point stays the same.

The biggest secret

Few people know that, in many countries, when a line of marching soldiers approaches a bridge, their commander has to give the ‘At ease!’ command. Why? It’s all because people who are walking in rhythm can make that bridge collapse. Yes, we are talking about the bridge that easily endures multi-ton long-haul trucks! Human thoughts work in a similar way. When numerous individuals guide them in a single direction, these thoughts are amplified and become stronger. The more people do it at the same time, the more strength is gained. What kind of thought should that be? Well, why not something like “May the world be a better place”, or anything else that is related to the common good. If thousands or even millions of people send such thoughts right from the heart in form of prayers and meditations, or simply concentrating on such matters, they will make up an incredible wave of purifying light and creative energy that transforms the world, dissolves and wipes off human-made blights from the face of the earth, strengthening good and weakening evil intentions of people as well.

How can I do that?

This website has been designed to unite people who are ready to change the world together. Every three hours, there will be a 15-minute World Changing Session. On the session page, you can see an exact start time for each session according to the user location. You will be able to participate at any time convenient for you.
So, enter the Changing Session webpage at a certain time, wait until the video starts playing, and try to feel yourself a part of common power, which is an army of awakened minds, people of good will. Pray, meditate, or concentrate to change the world together!

Sing up and you will be able to receive reminders about the beginning of sessions